Andrew Slack

Andrew Slack ist Gründer der Unternehmen Twist Digital LLP (Twist360) und

Er ist sowohl privat als auch geschäftlich eng mit den Unternehmern Scott Dingwall und Stewart Hoo-Lochrie verbunden.

Scott Dingwall

Scott Dingwall Geschäftsführer der Newstel Media Ltd. Er hat an der Glasgow Caledonian University studiert und führt seit September 2009 die Geschäfte im Newstel House.

Er ist sowohl privat als auch geschäftlich eng mit den Unternehmern Stewart Hoo-Lochrie und Andrew Slack verbunden.

Er ist der administrative Ansprechpartner der Domains und


Stewart Hoo Lochrie

Stewart Hoo Lochrie (Stewart Lochrie) ist ein Unternehmer in Großbritannien. Er ist in einer Beziehung mit Jane McCadden.

Er ist sowohl privat als auch geschäftlich eng mit den Unternehmern Scott Dingwall und Andrew Slack verbunden.

Er ist Gründer und Geschäftsführer der Unternehmen Impact Results Ltd (gegründet 1996,, Newstel Media Ltd (gegründet 2004,, Bauer Nutrition Ltd (gegründet 2008, und steht in enger Verbindung zu den Unternehmen Advanced Health Ltd ( und Marlia Business SA (


Impact Results Ltd

August 1996 – Heute (18 Jahre 3 Monate)Glasgow

Newstel Media Ltd CEO

Newstel Media Ltd

März 2004 – Heute (10 Jahre 8 Monate)


Bauer Nutrition Ltd

Januar 2008 – Heute (6 Jahre 10 Monate)

Twist Digital LLP

Das Unternehmen Twist Digital LLP / Twist 360

Gliederung in vier Netzwerke:,,,



Founder of Twist360 and Co-Founder of MoreNiche Andrew Slack begins promoting some of the very first affiliate offers online way back in 1999, unaware that he would go on to create many successful online businesses.

MensNiche -> MoreNiche

A huge re-brand, an upgraded software platform and heavy investment into a Bulgarian based development team sets the newly branded MoreNiche well on its way to heightened success.


Andrew and Darren set up Soula, a web design agency initially supporting internal design work. It is later to become a world respected design agency specializing in creating converting sites.



Wanting a clinically proven weight loss product in the network which is able to stand up to health industry regulation changes, Proactol is created. Still a respected brand today, Proactol goes on to become hugely successful and one of the biggest brands in the network.


Having been founded solely on its own brands, MoreNiche now begins securing its first external brands. Herbal weight loss aid Zotrim is the first to join. It’s a move that enables the network to begin to scale to the size it is today.


Phen375 joins the MoreNiche network in 2009 and quickly rises through the ranks to become our most successful merchant of all time. Consistently breaking its own sales records, Phen375 is now a globally successful product thanks to the hard work and dedication of the client and our affiliates.


Our first ever multi-product store, Evolution Slimming joins the MoreNiche network in 2010, paving the way for the addition of many more successful multi-stores. Featuring own branded items as well as major brands, Evolution Slimming is one of the biggest names in weight loss and is still one of MoreNiche’s most successful merchants.


Andrew’s vision to become a service provider is realized when he secures a deal to acquire 100% ownership of MoreNiche in exchange for his ownership in Proactol, SizeGenetics and Soula. Marking a significant step in the network’s history, this the first time that all brands within it are externally owned, taking MoreNiche from affiliate program to affiliate network status.


In another industry first, MoreNiche works closely with the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) to pioneer transparent affiliate marketing. With the aim of establishing better standards across the industry, we help our affiliates to market in a legal and ethical manner with the introduction of the Affiliate Disclosure among other measures. In line with our new direction, the MoreNiche strapline is changed from ‘Making You More Money’to ‘Transparent. Honest. Ethical’.


We create ImpactFive, a standalone, dedicated adult health affiliate network. The separation of MoreNiche and ImpactFive enables us to return to our original focus on a small selection of quality, premium brands, as well as enabling us to concentrate on growing two independent, conflict-free networks.

With Phen375 now one of the most successful MoreNiche products, Andrew and Sandis travel to Costa Rica to meet Phen375 creators RDK Global. Strong client relationships are forged and the addition of further RDK brands into the network is discussed. The boys survive a drive over the famous ‘Crocodile Bridge’, experience a close encounter with a covert glass door and successfully cement a continued partnership.


Following the previous year’s trip to Canada, TargetClick finally arrives in 2012, marking our first invite-only network. A joint venture with our partners in Canada, TargetClick offers exclusive North American health brands.


We expand our network reach even further and branch beyond the health sector. Multi-niche network Paydot is launched, providing a platform for the mass market. Paydot enables merchants to set up and manage their own affiliate campaign, and in a first for Twist, is completely free from any set up, monthly or annual fees, providing a risk-free environment for businesses to grow their revenue.


Less than twelve months after its launch, our Canadian partners acquire Twist’s share of TargetClick in order to focus on their vision for the network. Throughout 2013, TargetClick saw a month on month growth, laying strong foundations for future expansion. TargetClick and Twist parted ways amicably and the Canadian owners are now implementing their vision.


Having moved from gyms and health food stores to mass-market outlets, the sports nutrition and muscle supplement industry is growing rapidly. Keen to diversify, we enter into this dynamic niche for the first time with the launch of CrazyBulk into the MoreNiche network, closely followed by MyProtein, Pharmamuscle and others.


We launch the UK’s first exclusive Pet Affiliate Network. Targeted towards existing pet bloggers and pet lovers new to affiliate marketing, PetOffers launches with four major multi-brand stores on board.



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